Education Matters More Than Ever in India

Education matters more than ever in India and in every nation around the globe. Through education countries can change the lives of their citizens and transform the economy of the nation as a whole. In India, rapid growth and change are the order of the day. This populous place is burgeoning in so many different directions. Consider the fact, that we have some 600 million young people under 25 years of age. India is expected to overtake China, as the most populous nation on the planet, by 2022. India is already the world’s fastest growing economy and is expected to become the second largest economy by 2050.

India in 2018

India is still a developing country, however, and home to the greatest number of poor on the planet. So, you can see a huge mix of opportunities and problem issues exist concurrently, making it an exciting time to be Indian in 2018. Education is the most important opportunity and challenge that this nation faces. We must get it right in order to progress in the direction, which will bring prosperity to the greatest number of our people. Consider that half a billion people in India did not use a proper sanitised toilet in 2017 and you understand the breadth of the challenges we face.

Exciting New Developments in Education

There are exciting new developments in education happening globally, as technology changes the way we educate our children. The old black board and chalk based classroom style school systems are becoming obsolete. Google and computers are making new things rapidly possible. A reliable fast speed high data internet connection means that students need not be physically placed in bricks and mortar classrooms to be educated in the 21C. Things like incursions are bringing that technological style education to schools. Click here for more to see an Australian example of this.

A New India in A 21C World

India faces cultural resistance to change in many areas, education included. Nations that remain mired in archaic religious realities are unable to meet the challenges demanded by a modern 21C world. It is important to remember that modern India was created as a secular nation. It will only be through letting go of the past that India will be able to move into the future. Education is the single most important pathway to new Indian prosperity for all of our people.