Children’s Activities A Growing Business Opportunity in India

There’s not much to compare with a child’s laughter. That very obvious glee and innocence and exploration of their world. They seek out more happenings, experiences and involvement. Because man is a social being, parents encourage friendships and association early on, believing that a happy child is usually a child engaged in activities they love.

Because of modern technology and social media, children now have far more online apps than physical activity. But with the rise of cases and the new study that confirms the perils of too much screen time, parents and educators are now actively looking for ways to prevent screen time and encourage more physical play.

There’s an increase in children’s activities a growing business opportunity in India because of this new trend. Business minded people are taking advantage of this knowing that parents will always put their kids well being. More active, manipulative and participatory exercises, educational tours in a range of age-relevant activities aimed at mobility and developing skills.  

Kids’ party planning is a booming industry. Not just the infant and toddler ages but teens and coming-of-age parties are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to the traditional birthday and graduation events, bar and bat mitzvahs and sweet 16 parties signal a trend toward increased celebration of kids’ milestones. Given the significant Hispanic population, quinceñera (age 15) parties in particular can be expected to rise in popularity.

Although no numbers exist for this market, experts predict that the industry will continue to grow, as parents provide not only a greater number of parties but also more expensive ones for their children.

An increase in playgroups and preschools attest to this growing business opportunity. Most are announced or arranged in social media and have dispensed normal forms of advertising. Those most notable are corner classes sprouting like convenience stores on every neighborhood. And it includes all classes from the richest to the poorest.

Playdates, craft classes and tutorials, museum tours and sports for kids – they are good for your children’s health, enable them to move freely, make decisions and make friends and, the most important part, they keep you sane.