12 Organisations Helping Indian Students Around The Globe


Studying abroad is an exciting prospect for many Indian students. Better educational quality, travel opportunity and other factors may compel them to leave the country and gain qualification in overseas schools. Venturing to a new country with different culture is not easy; students will surely face problems and obstacles. But there are organisations, government, cultural and even private companies, who can provide a listening ear to Indian students who get into difficulty and help make their student experience easier. Here’s a list of 12 organisations helping Indian students around the globe.

1. Indian Students Association
ISA is a non-profit student organisation in different colleges and universities abroad that strives to unify all Indian students. It was formed to create cultural awareness, promote Indian tradition and unite Indian students with different ethnic backgrounds. It aims to spread Indian culture and provide students with a community. It’s like a family away from home.

AIESEC is an international non-governmental not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education that develops leadership to young people through experiential learning, volunteer experiences and professional internships. It enables employers and students across India to connect with global network of talent.

3. Indian Graduate Students Organisation (IGSO)
IGSO is a non-profit organisation which supports every cause of the Indian student community in the triple cities area. They have programs to help Indians who want to pursue their educational aspirations. They organise different cultural activities and regular events including sport tournaments, movie shows, spiritual lectures and coffee hours to give students a break from strenuous academics at Binghamton University. They ensure that each student is nestled in a family like environment.

4. International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE)
ICYE is an international non-profit youth exchange organisation that started in India in 1983 promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning and international voluntary service, in more than 40 countries around the world. ICYE is a leader in international youth exchange programmes that enhances student’s intercultural understanding and commitment to peace and justice.

5. ACM Group
ACM Group is a community of Asian people in Sydney which provide moral support to Indian students and new arrivals to Australia in the form of advice and communications. ACM Group help foster positive interaction between Australians, Asians and Asian Australians through art, music, culture, social events and other interactive cultural activities.

Asha for Education is an organisation dedicated to change in India by focusing on basic education because they believe education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. They are involved with support projects that are education related. Asha helps students get better access to education, nutrition and health care.

7. Foundation for Excellence (FFE)
FFE is a non-profit organisation based in California which provides the largest scholarship programs in India. They help exceptionally talented but poor students in India become doctors, engineers, and computer scientists. They award scholarships to high school students and help them secure admissions to quality engineering and medical colleges.

8. Federation of Indian Student Associations in Australia (FISA)
FISA aims to unify Indian students in Australia and integrate them with the Australian community. It provides a long lasting communication network from university unions and organisations and other associations. FISA helps increase the spiritual, political, social and economic strength of Indian students in Australia.

9. Bradman Foundation
The Bradman Foundation with partnership from University of Wollongong offers undergraduate scholarship to Indian students. The scholarship grant has been established with the blessing of Sir Donald Bradman to provide Indian students with opportunity for educational advancement and to promote cricket as a cultural and sporting force.

10. The United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF)
USIEF enable the most outstanding students, academics and professionals in India to study, research and engage in work experiences in the US. Selected scholars receive a high level of support ranging from visa processing and health insurance to a comprehensive pre-departure orientation.

11. UPAKAR – Indian-American Scholarship Foundation
UPAKAR’s goal is to address the needs of Indian American community by supporting students in their academic pursuits. They help educate high school counsellors who are middle and low income to realize their educational goals by providing annual scholarship and financial aid. They host benefit concerts and art shows that feature local south Asian artist to help raise awareness for their cause.

12. National Indian Students Union – UK
NISU is an organisation that represent Indian and Asian students in the UK from India and home-grown. NISU is not just an organisation but a movement. This youth led movement unifies the voice of Indians in the UK, through their students and alumni to bring about change in society. It aims to make Indian students life comfortable and enriching.