Dental Tourism To India: Will Coronavirus Affect Us?

Dental tourism is worth many billions of dollars to India, with visitors taking advantage of our cheaper dental services for their complex procedures. So, dental tourism to India: Will Coronavirus affect us? Most probably yes, if the pandemic continues to spread globally and if India becomes an epicentre for COVID 19. Currently, the coronavirus outbreak is centred within China, but Iran, Korea and Italy (in the north) have seen substantial outbreaks. Global travel by air will see the virus spread to other parts of the world if it cannot be contained in the countries it is affecting.

COVID 19 Will Impact Upon Dentists Everywhere

The dental tourism market is a substantial contributor to the Indian economy, and it will suffer if COVID 19 erupts in India. It is already impacting upon the way dentists go about their business in places right around the world. Dentists even in Australia are factoring coronavirus into their safety strategies. Invasive contact procedures are particularly at risk for the transference of the disease. Tourists thinking about having procedures, like crowns and other complex stuff done, may well think twice before committing in the current climate. People may put off having surgeries of any kind until things settle down on the coronavirus front.

Global Economy Taking a Big Hit

The global economy is taking a huge hit already from the coronavirus pandemic. Stock markets in all the major centres have had billions wiped from their value. This early economic calamity shows just how vulnerable the global supply chain economy is. China manufactures so much for so many countries around the world. Things are grinding to a halt because things are not being made and sent to those overseas markets. If India goes the same way, then, there will be even further economic damage to economies globally.

India’s international education industry may be the next major industry to be impacted. The outbreak in Iran may spread to more countries in the Middle East, where many students who study in India are from. The world could come to a halt if the global pandemic worsens. People will be forced to stay at home, to refrain from travelling anywhere, in a bid to stop the spread of the virus. Food shortages will be an issue if things get really bad. It will be challenging for many nations, including India, to contain a pandemic.