Indian Electricians Working To Speed Up 21st Century Cities

India, a third world country mired in ancient lore in the minds of many westerners, is actually planning to become a 21st century superpower. The Indian nation is on track via technology and science to achieve this mammoth goal in a few decades or less. Harnessing its billion people population economically means that it will become a tour de force if it can successfully manage to embrace technological change across the board. Indian electricians working to speed up 21st century cities will be a big part of the necessary infrastructure upgrade.

Electricity Rapidly Transforming India

Electricity has not been a friend to religious superstition and mysticism. It powers harsh lights, which reveal the cracks in the facades of illusions and frauds. Human beliefs in gods and paradise are fuelled by ignorance and an acceptance of the unknown. Science dispels many of these quasi- magical conceptions of the divine realities of religion. Religions are really cultural customs propped up by spurious beliefs in unseen supernatural entities. India will have to consign its rich cultural realm to a lesser place on the stage of life if it is to move forward as an economic superpower. Technology is providing its own kind of magic to the denizens of this vast subcontinental territory.

India to the Moon & Mars

Things like computers and smartphones are fast becoming ubiquitous in India in the 21st century. New buildings, where smoke alarm installation is mandatory, are rising up in cities across the nation. These developments are facilitating the housing of an enormous tech savvy middle class in the cities around India. India is currently the sixth largest world economy, with a $2.98 trillion GDP. It is the outsourcing capital for the English-speaking world, with call centres servicing corporate customers from Australia, the UK, USA and many more. India is forging ahead with space research and space exploration. Indian satellite launches are prolific. Mars and the moon have been sent unmanned missions.

Indeed, Indians are using digital marketing to power up social change. The rapidly emerging middle class are a tsunami taking over the reins of direction for this soon to be world power. India is making great strides in alternative energy with solar powered projects across the country. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is making Covid-19 vaccines and competing with China to save countries around the world from the ravages of this global pandemic. India is a true miracle of human innovation and application.