The Future of Business Growth is India

Many western nations have this idea of India as some place that is overcrowded and not quite in step with the rest of the developed world; however, this assessment could not be further from the mark as India is likely to overtake China before too long as the largest economic power on Earth. Leveraging her immense population, her high standards of education, her vast natural resources, and the greatest resource of all, her citizenry, India is swiftly becoming the go-to place for business and business investments of all kinds. The groundswell of exponential entrepreneurial growth and business opportunities in India make it ideal for all industries to begin pursuing growth opportunities there, especially for tech savvy Australian companies. Working with India’s thriving industry sector is a winning digital strategy for marketing agencies in Australia.

Industry Growth

India’s leading hospitals, doctors, and dentists meet the standards of many industrialized and developed nations of the West. However, even though their capabilities are the same, the pricing is not. Treatments which can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in the United States or Europe cost much less in India. This has led to a surge in medical tourism where individuals from wealthy western nations travel to private doctors or hospitals in India to seek treatment, getting both the treatment they need and a vacation for less than the price of the treatment alone in Europe or the United States. This medical boom and industrial charge means experts are needed in digital marketing to help bring knowledge of these opportunities outside of India. This huge industry growth is leading to immense opportunities for Australian businesses with experience in digital marketing to help piggyback on this boom by providing high quality digital services to India’s tech industry.

Room for Growth

Even the supposedly negative issues in India are actually opportunities for businesses with the foresight, the decisive nature, and the entrepreneurialism to turn a negative into a positive. One of the cons of India’s large population is also its ineffectual ability to deal with its pollution, its garbage, and its other industrial wastes. However, environmentalists in India, private corporations and non-profits, and even the government are beginning to understand the importance of proper industrial waste management, recycling, and proper rubbish disposal techniques. For the right kind of advertising business, garbage can be big business with lots of room to grow. The ability to recycle materials in India at a fraction of the cost and then reselling them back to Europe or the United States is a huge potential business that not only can lower India’s pollution problem but can make the removal of pollution profitable for the industry that does it and the companies that market, advertise, and mainstream their services.

Favourable Business Laws

Currently there is no better time to be investing in India. Due to their legacy of having been a British colony for so many decades, many of the business laws in India are reflective of laws in Europe and the United States. With similar business laws, a large industrious population, and near unfettered access to resources, personnel, and foreign investment, the future is bright and shining for India and as its star is on the rise, prospective businesses and entrepreneurial investment groups can rise with it.